California Bishops Sued For Hiding Cases Of Sexual Abuse

California Bishops Sued For Hiding Cases Of Sexual Abuse

Defense lawyers for a man who alleges he was sexually abused as a child by a man he called a “close friend,” filed a lawsuit for abuse against California bishops and clergy in Los Angeles, for allegedly hiding decades of child sexual abuse.

The lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, requires all California bishops to immediately report the names and documented histories of all the offending clerics that each diocese presumably keeps secret.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles said in a statement that although they have not yet received a copy of the complaint, the accusation and related report is based on information that was published by the archdiocese in 2013.

” The Archdiocese has also collaborated with three grand juries in our efforts to reach out and cooperate with the law,” the archdiocese said in a statement to the press.

” The Archdiocese has recognized and taken responsibility for the failures and errors in the way past cases of abuse were handled and instituted a strict” zero tolerance “policy to ensure that allegations of abuse would be reported to the authorities.

At a press conference in Los Angeles to announce the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s attorney, Jeff Anderson, published a 120-page report on the alleged sexual abuse by the cleric in Los Angeles, which contains information on several cases of alleged offenders sexual

The report also details how the archdiocese allegedly allowed more than 35 offenders to flee the law after reports of abuse surfaced.

” There is a danger that we feel obliged to expose. The danger is that the Catholic bishops of California have participated in such dangerous practices that put children in communities in serious danger across the state.” the lawyer said.

Anderson said the report contains information on 309 suspected predators, priests linked to the archdiocese. Among them, he alleges, 37 priests have been removed from Los Angeles to other states or foreign countries.

“There is a playbook: move, transfer, hide, hide and keep secrets” to abusive priests and their stories. The plaintiff’s name, Thomas Emenes, says he was attacked by a monsignor whom he knew as a “close friend” when he was between 10 and 12 years old and while living in Anaheim more than three decades ago.

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