Woman With Knife Injures 14 Children In China Kindergarten

Woman With Knife Injures 14 Children In China Kindergarten

A 39-year-old woman wounded a kitchen knife to 14 children in a care center in Chongqing Township in western China, local police said, who still does not provide more information on the causes of the event.

The wounded, whose seriousness is also unknown, have been sent to the hospital, while the security forces gather more information about what happened and the few local media that report the issue keep the event in the background.

In the social networks, images of the school have been published in which several children between 3 and 5 years old appear crying in the door of the school on several bloodstains on the floor, as well as other injured minors evacuated in ambulances.

A video has also been published in which it is seen how they arrest the alleged perpetrator of the events, who still do not know if they occurred at the school’s door or inside the courtyard, to which the woman had agreed.

The local police in Chongqing have only reported the initial data through their Weibo account (the Chinese Twitter) in a message.

After that, they have only published a new message in which they call on the population not to spread images of what happened so as not to damage doubly affected children.

The event took place in a care center in the Banan district around 9:30 a.m. (9:30 p.m. on Thursday in Puerto Rico) when the students, led by the teachers, returned to the classroom after performing their morning exercises.

The alleged author, named Liu, was detained for the safety of the school and by the teachers, and subsequently handed over to the police, who went to the venue as soon as they heard about the incident.

Although China tries to always maintain its image as a safe country, attacks on schools are quite common.

One of the most serious occurred last April when a young man of 28 years killed 9 people with a knife and wounded another 10 in a high school in north China, allegedly for having suffered bullying as a student at the center.

In June of last year, an explosion in a care center in Xuzhou (eastern China) caused 8 deaths and 65 injuries, although none of the deceased were children since the attack occurred at the time of leaving the center when They had already been picked up by their families.

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