FBI Searches Florida Mail Facility In Pipe Bomb Investigation

FBI Searches Florida Mail Facility In Pipe Bomb Investigation

The track of the bomb packages sent to figures of the democratic party and the actor Robert De Niro leads to Florida.

The FBI agents investigating the case are registering with the help of robots to deactivate an explosive or post office in the town of Opa-Locka, northwest of Miami.

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, has confirmed that Florida is the place of departure for several of the bomb packages.

“Several of the shipments were made through the mail and their starting point was Florida,” he said during an interview on the Fox News Channel. “I am convinced that this person or persons will be brought to justice.”

FBI sources have told Reuters that the packages were made from accessible instructions on the Internet.

The targets of those bomb packages have been millionaire George Soros, former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA Director John Brennan, Vice President Joe Biden and California Representative Maxine Waters. Also, the restaurant of actor Robert De Niro has been the destination of another of the bomb packages.

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