Israel Air Strike Kills Three Palestinian Minors In Gaza

Israel Air Strike Kills Three Palestinian Minors In Gaza

Three Palestinian minors between the ages of 12 and 15 have been killed on Sunday by an Israeli missile launched from a ‘drone’ near the border between Gaza and Israel, according to the army they tried to assault the divide, Palestinian medical sources said.

Around eight in the afternoon, the three Palestinians approached the security fence in southern Gaza “in an attempt to damage it and, apparently, placed an improvised explosive device in its vicinity,” the Army said in a statement. He added that “in response, an aerial vehicle fired at them.”

For more than an hour, the Palestinian medical teams could not get close to the place, because they were in the area outside the border but finally, they managed to get there and the Red Crescent (equivalent to the Red Cross) confirmed that they found three bodies.

“The forces of the occupation have allowed the ambulances in the east of Deir el Balah to enter to recover the bodies, and the Red Crescent teams have recovered three bodies of martyrs east of Khan Younis,” the agency said in a statement.

The spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Ashraf al Qedra, confirmed that the three deceased “were between 12 and 14 years old”.

Since the campaign of the so-called ‘Great Return March’ began on the dividing line, which for seven months has been calling for the end of the Israeli blockade on the enclave and the right of refugees to return, more than 200 Palestinians have died Israeli fire, mostly in protests and violent incidents.

This weekend saw the last military escalation between Israel and Gaza, from where the Islamic Jihad fired about forty rockets into Israeli territory, to which the Army responded with dozens of bombings on military targets in the strip.

Israel, which has maintained a blockade since Hamas took control of the enclave by force in 2007, blames the Islamist movement for the violence in Gaza.

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