Saudi Crown Prince Said Journalist Khashoggi Was a Dangerous Islamist

Saudi Crown Prince Said Journalist Khashoggi Was a Dangerous Islamist

The Saudi Crown Prince, Mohamed bin Salman, assured US President Donald Trump that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was a “dangerous Islamist” days after his disappearance.

The call between Trump and the prince also included US National Security Adviser John Bolton and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

According to the capital’s newspaper, which cites sources familiar with the call, this occurred after the journalist’s disappearance on October 2 and before Saudi Arabia acknowledged his murder on the 20th.

In it, Prince Mohamed bin Salman tried to justify to his interlocutors that Khashoggi belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood and urged Kushner and Bolton that Washington maintain its strong alliance with Riyadh.

A Saudi official denied The Washington Post that the Saudi prince made these comments. The journalist’s family, on the other hand, rejected them in a statement: “Jamal Khashoggi did not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, he denied these accusations repeatedly over the last few years.””Jamal Khashoggi was not in any way a dangerous person, to say otherwise would be ridiculous,” he added.

Khashoggi, who was based in Washington and worked for The Post, disappeared on October 2 at the consulate of his country in Istanbul when he went to collect some documents to be able to marry his Turkish fiance.

Initially, Saudi Arabia said that Khashoggi had left by his own foot of the consulate, but with the passage of the days, the international pressure and the tests in the hands of Turkey, the kingdom admitted that the journalist had died in his dependencies.

Although that first version claimed that Khashoggi died in a fight, Riyadh later acknowledged that it had been a premeditated murder. At the consulate, Khashoggi was awaited by a fortnight of Saudi agents who had arrived in Istanbul the night before, including four members of the Saudi Prince’s security scheme, which to date denies any involvement in the crime.

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