Innovation and Tech Camps around the World are Increasing

Three days Medellín will be the Silicon Valley of Colombia. Businessmen and panelists will talk about global innovation trends and how they influence the country.

As well as the technological pole of Silicon Valley in the United States, Medellin will be between March 19 and 21 on the occasion of Innovation Week 2014, an event that brings together national and foreign panelists and successful entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs to talk about global innovation trends and how they influence the country.

An academic day that will feature panelists such as David Bojanini, president of Grupo Sura; Paula Arias, director of Colciencias and Juan Luis Mejía, rector EAFIT (School of Administration, Finance and Technology), and with speakers such as Nicolás Reyes, director of Dale Carnegie Training Colombia and Fernando Anzures, specialist in viral content, among others.

What is the secret to being a good leader? and What do extraordinary organizations have? are some concerns that will be answered during the Innovation Week, also will deal with issues about business life, culture in organizations and keys to not fail in the attempt to undertake.

The meeting that will be held in the Explora Park of the capital of Antioquia, expects to receive 120 national entrepreneurs and some from Mexico and Argentina, as well as owners of recognized companies in the country.

Krysta Corley

Krysta Corley has lived in Orlando her whole life. Krysta has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade and has contributed to several large publications including the NY Post, Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post.  As a journalist for EPE News, Krysta covers country and international developments.

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