Laser Technology to Face Off Drone Attacks

The US Navy on Monday unveiled a new weapon laser capable of attacking the enemy’s drones, which could be used next year in the Persian Gulf. Laser technology, which allows attacking the speed of light at a much lower price than ammunition weapons, could become the future of the American arsenal.

The Laser Weapon System (LAWS) was made public by the naval research office through a video, in which the weapon knocks down an armed surveillance drone, during training last summer aboard the destroyer US Dewey in California. A report from NBC notes that the weapon is capable of shooting down drones, boats and planes.

Spencer Ackerman, editor of the Danger Room blog of Wired magazine one of the most outstanding in military technology – points out that the LAWS has been developed for six years, at a cost of US $ 40 million. In December, after it was successfully tested, naval officers considered that the weapon should be ready for a real operation. The LAWS could be installed in the USS Ponce, one of the oldest warships in the USA. It was recently remodeled and became a floating military base, before leaving in 2014 towards the Persian Gulf.

There, in those waters agitated by the Iranian nuclear scandal, where the Ayatollah regime threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz where around a quarter of the world’s oil goes, the LAWS could serve to combat the advances that the Persian country has made in its program of surveillance drones and speedboats. “It so happens that Ponce will spend most of 2014 deployed in Iran’s backyard.

The deployment of LAWS has immediate implications for the march of the US sub-conflict. with the Iranians – and provides a new weapon for the Navy at a time when it has had to reduce its carrier presence off of the Iranian coast, “says Ackerman.

If the drones, already well known in the world, represented a futuristic advance and opened the doors to a new war (with fewer casualties of attacking troops) during the administration of Barack Obama , the pulsations of energy created to defend themselves from that same technology sow another paradigm It will be necessary to see what the Navy and the Pentagon research agency (Darpa) have prepared for the laser era.

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