Affiliate Compliance Partnership Formed by Kindred and Gaming Innovation Groups

Affiliate Compliance Partnership Formed by Kindred and Gaming Innovation Groups

A unison has occurred in the gaming affiliation sector, with the Kindred Group and Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) announcing such in a press release last week. The two companies have brought their efforts together in a bid to both broaden and develop the compliance process for affiliation purposes. It marks an important move for both brands.

Details of the press release mark the GiG brand as providing the necessary compliance technology, which will be utilised in an effort to track both the brand’s content as well as its affiliates activity. Meanwhile, the Kindred Group is also getting huge benefits from the unison, whilst monitoring a variety of promotional content promotions. This will take place through images, banners and text from both companies.

As per the press release, GiG actually has the capability of being able to search through 30,000 web pages every single day. This information is then used to compile a collection of various web locations where a specific brand is made mention of, which also takes place on a daily basis. Speaking of the unison between the two companies, the COO of GiG, Richard Brown said that Kindred are one of the leaders in the area of gambling compliance. He went on to say that they hold the same plans and ambitions as GiG – for a gambling environment that can be trusted.

In an effort to back up what Mr Brown spoke of, the Head of Affiliates at Kindred, Ryan Henderson spoke of looking forward to being able to work with the GiG Comply product. He said that this would certainly strengthen the Kindred compliance processes that are already in place.

The Alliance Will Reap Benefits for Both Companies

Both of these brands are important in the online gaming world, meaning that their coming together signifies a great boost for the affiliate industry. Kindred has made reports of a 20.8% annual rise in its gaming revenue, which reached a total of $1.18 billion. Contributions from the sports betting sector were largely responsible for the rise, with its share being up by 25.7% in a year-on-year scenario.

Not only that, but Kindred has moved forward with its US operations, agreeing to a deal with the Mohegan Sun Casino in Pocono, Pennsylvania. This will allow it to provide games to the casino’s land-based and online setups, which has been quite the focus of both Kindred and GiG when it comes to the United States.

Additionally, the French market has come calling at Kindred’s door, with the company uniting with the Relax Gaming brand. For this, Kindred will provide the Relax Gaming platform with a collection of poker games to provide to French gamers.

As far as GiG is concerned, a selection of big announcements have also been made by it recently. The biggest of these has been the unveiling of its own in-house slot game, which is entitled Popstar. This marks the company’s fourth ever in-house game release, featuring five reels and four rows for players to enjoy.

Talking of the game release, the Managing Director of Games at GiG, Mathias Larsson said that it is a collaboration between the developer and a Swedish musician called Erik Segerstedt. Everything audible within the slot has been produced by Erik, and he’s also in the process of releasing an album that contains two songs from the Popstar game.

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