Betsoft Shortlisted in Two Categories at 2019 EGR B2B Awards

Betsoft Shortlisted in Two Categories at 2019 EGR B2B Awards

The EGR B2B Awards are rolling around again, and this year, Betsoft Gaming has been shortlisted in two cornerstone categories. Obviously standing out as a premier supplier of online casino games, the 2019 Awards see it involved in the category for Innovation in RNG Casino Software, as well as Mobile Gaming Software Supplier.

It is these EGR B2B Awards that stand out as celebrating the best in the online gaming industry, existing amongst several others to reward the greatest developers and game releases of the past year. In total, 40 categories will feature a winner of an award, featuring various sectors of the online gaming industry. This includes not only casino management platforms for example, but data centres as well. Yet, there is a strong focus placed on video slots, mobile gaming options and a selection of other content. Each year, a new panel of judges get to unite their thoughts regarding the nominees and then select a winner for each category. Those winners are announced during the black tie reception of the EGR B2B Awards.

The 2019 ceremony will take place on June 25 at the Tower of London, where all 40 awards will be handed out. Furthermore, for the very first time at the awards, there will be an outside party to officiate and audit the selection process. This ensures that the winners are easily and readily able to show the degree of creativity that is required to be on the receiving end of the top rewards.

Betsoft managing to be nominated in the Innovation in RNG Casino Software shortlist has no doubt come to fruition thanks to the fact that it has a vast catalogue of quality games, featuring memorable characters and new takes on traditional slots. These offerings can be found alongside appealing and innovative releases, such as the Max Quest: Wrath of Ra game, that incorporates multiplayer functions and a roleplaying setup. This one takes players deep into a sunken tomb in the desert of Egypt, replacing symbols and reels with levels of mazes, featuring special weapons and entertaining enemies to defeat. Parties of up to six players can engage in accessing the game at once, enforcing co-operative gameplay.

Betsoft Extends Its Reach

It’s not only that award which Betsoft has more than earned its nomination for, but the Mobile Gaming Software Supplier award, too. Within the period by which developers are judged, Betsoft went on to release over 10 different games, all of which had a mobile-first design behind them. They were also created on the developer’s Shift platform, another innovation of Betsoft’s. The second-generation version of this now incorporates multiple improvements to its predecessor, ensuring that a perfect audio-visual experience is had via just about any device.

The Marketing Director at Betsoft, Annamaria Anastasi explained that quality, innovation and accessibility are all key factors in building a successful portfolio of games in such a content-hungry market. She said that Betsoft has created its best collection of new games this year, “…from deep, immersive experiences pitched at demanding players, to totally unique crossover titles like Max Quest”.

She continued on by saying that at the same time, the portfolio of new games has been brought to light on mobile devices with zero compromises. Because of the unison of these strategies, customers of Betsoft have acquired new gamers at their platforms, while current players have extended their gameplay lifeline. She finished by explaining how thrilled she is at the approach being so successful that Betsoft is nominated for two EGR B2B awards.

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