Grand Theft Auto Online to Bring a Luxury Casino to Gamers

Grand Theft Auto Online to Bring a Luxury Casino to Gamers

Anyone who is a fan of Grand Theft Auto Online should brace themselves for a new arrival from such – online casinos! And for those of you who haven’t heard of Grand Theft Auto Online before, allow us to provide some explanation.

Grand Theft Auto Online actually operates as the multiplayer online extension offering of the Grand Theft Auto V game. Within that game, anyone playing gets the opportunity to run around the location of San Andreas and enter themselves into co-operative game matches. Launching in 2013, it has recently become one of the more popular options from the Rockstar Games brand.

The Grand Theft Auto V game was an instant hit with gamers upon its original release, but then again, the whole series has brought in streams of players. Yet, this particular incarnation of it became the third game in history to reach and exceed the 100 million sales target. That was quite the monumental achievement for Rockstar Games, and it no doubt led to the creation and introduction of the online extension. Through this, players were able to continue their support of the game with in-game purchases also being available. Even today, six years later, it remains a popular offering from the company.

It’s the fact that players keep getting new content added by Rockstar, that contributes to the continued success of Grand Theft Auto Online. Why wouldn’t gamers return to such an offering when there’s new updates available every so often?

Rockstar Tweets About the New Introduction

As part of the online game’s upcoming update, Rockstar sent out a Tweet that stated that the newest addition will be a casino in the location of Vinewood. For the moment though, Rockstar is keeping things a little bit more on the down low regarding this. However, it is expected to be a luxury casino, and usually, once an announcement of updates from Rockstar is made, it doesn’t take too long for the features to be available within Grand Theft Auto Online.

This won’t be the first time that a casino has popped up within the Grand Theft Auto series, though. In the company’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas offering, players were able to enter into casinos and engage in rounds of roulette and blackjack, as well as participate in slot machines and video poker options. It’s thought that Grand Theft Auto Online will also include such games into its luxury casino.

The question remains about money, though. Anyone accessing the online version of Grand Theft Auto can spend their real money on purchasing in-game money. However, would it then be possible for this in-game money to be used on the games within the casino, and if so, does this constitute to gambling?

Video games are no stranger to controversy where gambling is concerned. It was only last year that a huge issue came to light surrounding loot boxes in games, resulting in several countries around the world banning such due to being described as illegal gambling. Such a law could even come into effect in the United States if the Senate defines it in the same way.

If real money is usable in the Grand Theft Auto Online game for the purchase of in-game money that can then be utilised in a virtual casino, that could put Rockstar Games in a bit of a difficult position. Time will tell how this could affect not only the gaming scene, but the gambling scene as well.

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