More Than 50 Countries Block Access to GTA Online Casino

More Than 50 Countries Block Access to GTA Online Casino

It was announced recently that the GTA Online world would be introducing the Diamond Casino & Resort for players to enter. The casino has since been brought online, and it features various types of casino games to play. However, many gamers have reported not actually being able to access the casino, thanks to their country of residence blocking it from them. This all falls in line with their local gambling laws.

The update to GTA Online allows anyone who can access the casino the chance to play with their in-game currency on the games. However, this is currency that must be purchased via microtransactions. For example, to receive 500,000 in-game dollars, it will cost a player £5.99 ($9.99). Using this money will allow you to become a casino member and purchase chips for gaming with while you’re in there. Options such as blackjack, poker and roulette can be found within. You won’t be able to convert any of the in-game money back to real money, though.

That being said, it may all be for nought in some countries, as many players have reported their lack of ability to access the Diamond Casino & Resort. This isn’t the first time that such has happened either. When Red Dead Redemption introduced poker tables to its online world in May, restrictions were also put in place in various countries. There was an explanation given by Rockstar Games for this, which also pertains to the GTA casino. Essentially, the blame rests almost entirely on regional restrictions.

Is It Actually Gambling?

There has been quite the debate going on recently surrounding the status of certain video game features. This has included the debate upon whether or not loot boxes are considered gambling or not. Some countries have banned loot boxes after deeming them a form of gambling, while others have negated that argument and allowed gamers to continue with them.

The conversation on loot boxes in some areas has yet to be completed, and Rockstar Games has basically thrown another topic into the mix for countries to resolve with the Diamond Casino & Resort in its online game. Of course, this one is a lot more visible to some lawmakers, as it basically requires you to spend your money to get in-game money for casino gambling purposes.

It is because of this that over 50 countries around the world have restricted access to the online casino. Yet, it’s not all bad for Rockstar Games, because larger markets such as the United States, Japan and much of Western Europe have not banned their players from accessing it. Some players have reported being able to bypass the bans by using a VPN to enter the casino, though.

While GTA Online does allow you to gamble in a casino, you’re doing it with fake money. The issue is that you have to buy that money in the first place, which is why it has been determined as gambling by so many locations. Problem gambling is a situation in many countries around the world, and it’s not hard to imagine that a casino within the GTA world could lead to this scenario.

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