Increased Effort by Dutch Regulator to Combat Illegal Gambling

Increased Effort by Dutch Regulator to Combat Illegal Gambling

Plans have been released by the Dutch gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) that will see it taking a heavy focus on tackling illegal games of chance found in land-based establishments. The regulatory body has the intention of working with various local authorities to be able to combat the issue. This looks like it will be the prime focus of KSA throughout the 2020 period.

It is thought that KSA has provided specialist support to the police and the various Dutch municipalities no less than 35 separate times. Yet, it is aiming to outdo this figure next year, hoping to be able to provide assistance in around 50 cases for the upcoming 12-month period. That’s quite the target, but if there’s any regulatory authority that can achieve it, then Kansspelautoriteit certainly stands out.

Illegal gaming activity can sometimes be difficult to spot, but the KSA has stated that it has the ability to provide authorities with the necessary knowledge on how to prepare checks for such. Not only that, but it has the possibility of sending out its own inspectors, who will readily support the police officers. And as an added bonus, the KSA is able to prepare expert reports that will help investigations go smoothly in the future.

Speaking of its intent to be of more support to the police regarding illegal gaming operations in land-based establishments, the KSA said that it has necessary expertise for the authorities to use. If, for example, illegal poker tournaments or gambling columns were taking place, the KSA said that it is able to provide “access to supporting information”.

Direct Contact with KSA is Advised for Authorities Requiring Help

Should any of the country’s authorities want to work alongside the KSA, then they have the possibility of contacting the organisation directly. The decision by the regulatory body to offer this to authorities is just another step in a long line of moves that the organisation has been taking recently prior to its legal online gambling industry becoming active.

Just last month, the KSA went forth and published results that came from a joint report made alongside the self-help company AGOG. The report made the suggestion that Dutch consumers have much more chance to encounter issues with gambling addiction when utilising gaming machines, rather than any other type of gambling. The study that was conducted to form the report took the responses of 86 people who had signed up with AGOG. In those results, 67% of those people confirmed to have suffered from gambling problems had found their primary vice to be those same gambling machines.

In the same report, it was found that about one-third of players chose to gamble around two or three times each week in the year prior to them seeking help with the AGOG organisation. Additionally, a third more of the respondents had gambled between four and six times every week and a quarter of them accessed gambling every single day.

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