Rouge Fox has been a valuable source of news in Florida for nearly three years. Rouge Fox is a Florida City based digital media company. Rouge Fox offers authoritative insight and opinion on news important to the people of Florida.

Since our founding in June of in 2016, Rouge Fox has been dedicated to giving the people of Florida the news they need to be in-the-know about what’s going on throughout the state.

Rouge Fox’s management and almost all of its writers live here in Florida. We’ve put down roots. We care about our readers and our community. We take pride in offering the following in our content. Rouge Fox has dedicated itself to recording the events and activities taking place in our beautiful state.

We stood for and have spoken out on a series of grassroots referendums, initiatives and other citizen-driven campaigns.

We specialize in reporting the latest news content from various news segments that essentially hold a grasp over the daily lifestyles of our readers. We believe our journey has just started and we are capable of much more with an aim to use the journalistic power for betterment at a global level.

As a team, we aim to evolve and work towards our passion to bring insightful news reports capable of bringing a change for the better in the world.

All contributors to the website are members of Florida’s News Media Association and the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

Our Organisation

Rouge Fox is owned by Fox Media LLC, a registered business in the state of Florida.

Fox Media LLC is a privately held media company headquartered in Florida City specializing in Print newspaper publishing, Internet publishing, Data centers and software.

Fox Media LLC Limited offers a wide range of media services and products, from high-end print publications to the latest in digital media.