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Powerful magnitude 6.4 earthquake in Nepal: at least 22 dead and dozens injured

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake recently struck western Nepal, killing at least 22 people and injuring dozens, according to information provided by the National Seismological Centre. The tremor occurred in the Jajarkot district, some 500 kilometers south of Kathmandu.

Collapsed houses and panicked residents

The consequences of this earthquake were disastrous for many inhabitants of the affected region.Houses collapsed, forcing residents to flee into the streets to escape the debris. Harrowing videos have been circulating, showing people rushing to evacuate buildings in panic at the violence of the tremors.

Emergency services mobilized to help victims

Emergency services were quickly mobilized to help the victims.Medical teams were dispatched to assist the injured and provide emergency care.The local authorities also set up temporary accommodation centers for people who had lost their homes.

A tremor felt as far away as India

The earthquake’s magnitude was estimated at 6.2 and it occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers.The tremors extended as far as the Indian capital, New Delhi, some 600 kilometers away.The earthquake thus had a considerable impact in the region, affecting several neighboring countries.

Damage difficult to assess

Details of the damage in remote areas are difficult to obtain, mainly due to unfavorable weather conditions, with intense cold and nightfall.Local authorities are nevertheless endeavouring to gather all the information needed to assess the extent of the damage and mobilize the appropriate resources.

Nepal, a country frequently hit by earthquakes

Nepal lies in an active seismic zone and has been hit by powerful earthquakes in the past.In 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake killed thousands of people and destroyed much infrastructure, leaving the country in the grip of a severe humanitarian crisis.

The importance of prevention and solidarity

In the face of these tragic events, it is crucial to reiterate the importance of prevention in earthquake-prone areas.Authorities must continue to raise public awareness and implement precautionary measures to minimize the consequences of earthquakes. In addition, international solidarity plays an essential role in supporting the countries affected, by providing financial and logistical assistance for reconstruction and humanitarian aid.

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake in Nepal has caused tragic loss of life and extensive damage.At a time when relief efforts are underway to help the victims, it is essential to stress the importance of prevention and international solidarity in dealing with the consequences of natural disasters.These painful events remind us of the urgent need to act to protect vulnerable populations, and to strengthen our preparedness and response to earthquakes.

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