Sour candies: The explosive phenomenon in confectionery

Sour candies: The explosive phenomenon in confectionery

For a few years now, a remarkable trend has stormed the confectionery world: the meteoric rise of sour candies. These sweet treats with a tangy taste have transformed the traditional experience of sweets, rapidly becoming the undisputed stars in the confectionery aisles.

Spectacular ascension

Sour candies have ascended to the top of the sweet confectionery industry, recording rapid growth in sales. Their popularity has skyrocketed, becoming the primary segment in this field.

Phenomenal growth

Sales of sour candies have followed a consistent upward trajectory: starting at 130.8 million euros in 2020, reaching 150 million in 2021 (a growth of 14.7%), and peaking at 176.1 million in 2022 (an impressive growth of 17.4%).

Market impact

Sour candies distinctly stand out in the market. Their growth is notably higher than that of other confectioneries, thereby solidifying their position as a leader.

History of enthusiasm

The growing interest in sour candies dates back to 2011, marking a significant turning point in the evolution of confectionery. Since then, they have continued to gain popularity and diversity.

Multigenerational Appeal

The tangy and sour taste sparks interest not only in children but also in adults. For the latter, it evokes nostalgia while offering a different and less childish taste experience.

Brand Reinvention

Major brands have reimagined classics, playing on the emotional strings of nostalgia while offering innovative products tailored to current demand.

Playful Contrast

The enthusiasm for sour candies represents a playful response to the current trend focused on natural and organic products. These confections stand out with their vibrant colors and a very contrasting visual and gustatory aspect.

The meteoric rise of sour candies represents much more than a passing trend. These tangy delights have managed to captivate a broad audience, from children to adults, offering an intense taste experience and a playful response to current food trends focused on natural products.

Their constant evolution and ability to adapt to the changing tastes of consumers herald a bright future for this category of confectioneries. The prominent place of sour candies in the confectionery industry is well established, and their influence continues to grow.

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