Mexican Governor Revokes Offer of Buses to Migrant Caravan

Mexican Governor Revokes Offer of Buses to Migrant Caravan

Members of the migrant caravan, made up mostly of Hondurans, arrived Saturday in the central state of Puebla, located only 120 kilometers from Mexico City.

It is expected that during the night more and more migrants from the group will arrive at shelters in the capital of Puebla that both the Catholic Church and the local authorities have arranged.

The migrants left during the morning of the town of Sayula towards Isla, in Veracruz, after the authorities of that state canceled an offer of transportation to move them to Mexico City. Once on Isla, they decided to continue on their way to Puebla.

On Friday, the government of Veracruz had offered transportation to Mexico City, where they planned to request documents to travel to the border with the United States.

However, later, the governor of that state, Miguel Angel Yunes, said that before the water cuts that are lived in the capital of the country they would seek to take them to a large city of the state, a proposal that they rejected.

For its part, the National Human Rights Commission (ombudsman) requested the local authorities to safeguard the rights of migrants during their passage through Mexico.

Meanwhile, the second caravan of migrants, who entered Mexico on Monday, arrived on Saturday in Pijijiapan from Mapastepec, in the southern state of Chiapas.

This group is accompanied by the leader of the organization Pueblos sin Fronteras, Irineo Mujica, who organized the families to deal with order public transport vehicles, individuals and freight.

A Mexican activist, said the migrant exodus is an ordeal although he expressed his happiness “because the people of Mexico have welcomed them, given them food, cured them.”

He added that the first and second caravan will meet in Mexico City, although there is not a day scheduled for the meeting.

” The intention is to reach the other caravan and reach Mexico City, where an agreement will be sought that is sensitive and that is for the welfare of all immigrants, ” said Mujica.

For its part, the third caravan, which crossed the Suchiate River on Friday, which divides Mexico and Guatemala and which is made up of some 2,000 people, remains in the Metapa de Domínguez locality , located on the road that leads to Tapachula, in Chiapas

The rain that fell at night did not allow them to advance because their few belongings got wet. The local church offers them food while they dry their belongings.

The US president, Donald Trump , has threatened to mobilize up to 15,000 troops to the border with Mexico to prevent the passage of migrants.

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