New tennis from West Player cause chaos in London

New tennis from West Player cause chaos in London

The sale of the new sports shoes designed by Kanye West, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 in black, has been marred by an altercation that took place this Friday at the Foot Locker shop in Oxford Street (London), only local that will sell this model in the whole United Kingdom.

A hundred enthusiasts who camped outside the door of the establishment since Tuesday were enraged when, around 11:15 on Thursday night, local workers emerged from inside and began distributing a total of 62 tickets that guaranteed the to be able to buy a pair of Yeezy this Saturday, but without respecting the order of arrival of potential buyers. After that, they informed the rest of the crowd that they should disperse because the encampment had ended.

Eyewitnesses affirm that, once the tickets were exhausted, several of the people who had managed to obtain one was threatened by the rest of the crowd.

In addition, as reported by several of those involved, a large group of people who only showed up at the scene during the last few hours managed to get close to the door by pushing, obtaining the coveted tickets before some of the They had been waiting for days.

” The line had been organized following the concept of the first to arrive, the first to enter [the store], some people came from Cambridge four days earlier, I was part of the group on Wednesday, but towards the end everyone started crowded and about a hundred people showed up here, I had not seen their faces before, everything was very chaotic, most of us did not get a position in the line, only the thugs [who pushed the others], the atmosphere was very intense ” said the young Deep Patel (15) to the Evening Standard newspaper.

The complaints of the buyers to those responsible for Foot Locker responsible for organizing the distribution of the tickets apparently fell on deaf ears.

” When we complained, the manager told us there was not enough space, but I was not going to start a fight for a pair of shoes, I wanted some because I am passionate about sports and I collect them, I am very disappointed that I did not get a pair, I think that all this should be solved, “adds Patel.

The authorities in Westminster – the area where the store is located – have announced that an investigation has already been launched to clarify whether Foot Locker contacted law enforcement officials to discuss the security problems that could arise from the long-term waiting line.

“We are still trying to establish who ordered the people to disperse – as far as we know, there were no problems for the safety or health of those present,” the Westminster spokeswoman said. The representatives of the chain of stores have not yet pronounced on the matter.

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