Holland Casino Unites with Marketing Specialist Selligent

Holland Casino Unites with Marketing Specialist Selligent

In a bid to increase its marketing efforts, the Holland Casino site has signed in to an agreement with Selligent – a marketing specialist. With the casino also looking to improve its overall global image, the Selligent Marketing Cloud brand will also make this one of its core aims.

Under the agreement that both parties have signed, Selligent will strengthen and expand the marketing campaigns of the Holland Casino. This will theoretically help the casino reach out to a new audience of customers and, potentially, bring them to the online gaming site. This marketing outreach will be set out across all of the various outlets, including web, social media and mobile.

Through this, the Dutch operator is hoping that it will manage to understand its clientele base and their needs on a higher level. Speaking of the decision to unite with Selligent, the Product Owner Marketing Technology for Holland Casino, Bjørn de Boer said:

“Holland Casino is focused on delivering tailored experiences to increase engagement and loyalty with our customers. It was important that we select a marketing technology partner with a robust, flexible and secure platform that would allow us to deliver personalised offers even while guests are already onsite.”

Mr de Boer went on to state that Selligent was the obvious choice for Holland Casino to pair up with, thanks to the company’s engagement capabilities as well as the experience that it has regarding privacy regulations. Therefore, he said, this would provide a “true understanding” of both the casino’s marketing and security needs.

The Holland Casino brand currently provides a total of 14 casinos through the Netherlands, and once the country officially launches its regulated online gambling services, the operator aims to have its own service available there, too. This will be powered by the Playtech brand.

Selligent Backs Up the Words of Holland Casino

It didn’t take long for the Selligent brand to reiterate the words of Mr de Boer regarding the agreement that the two companies have signed in to. Chief Executive of Selligent Marketing Cloud, John Hernandez said of the deal:

“Casinos often have a diverse customer base who enjoy a variety of unique experiences. There is a constant opportunity to better understand their needs to take visits to another level.”

He finished off by saying that because of the unison between Holland Casino and Selligent, the operator will be able to “tap into individual tastes” and this will allow it to build certain sorts of “personalised entertainment experiences”. This, he said, will keep players coming back to the operator’s casinos.

The Netherlands has the aim of launching its regulated online gambling market in January 2021. This will certainly provide Holland Casino with a variety of competition, as it has had total monopoly over the country’s gambling market previously. The Dutch Senate passed the Remote Gambling Act of the country in February of this year.

From July 1, 2020, the new gambling laws are expected to come into effect, provided the Ministry of Justice and Security approves them prior to this. Following on from this, the Dutch regulatory body, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) will put together conditions for any company wishing to apply for an official licence.

These licences are only being made available to those operators who have not had any unlicensed activity within the Netherlands in the two years prior to the introduction of the gambling legislation. The KSA has already fined and barred multiple brands for breaches of this rule, and those operators will be excluded from joining the Dutch market for a two-year period thereafter.

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